Safety is on of the most important factors of traveling in Iceland.

When you feel safe you feel good, when you feel good you

enjoy Iceland more.



Safety: Each Hópbílar coach offers comfortable and spacious seating, each seat equipped with a seatbelt. Our maintenance standards are among the strictest in Iceland’s coach touring industry and we proudly abide by these strict regulations. Hópbílar has implemented the British OHSAS 18001Standard. Companies operating under OHSAS 18001 must always work on improving employees’and customers security, health and wellbeing. The standard includes ensuring that safety and health affairs are an inseparable part of Hópbílar evaluation and decision making processes of investment, construction, operations and purchase of goods and services. Please visit for thorough safety instructions when travelling in Iceland.

Comfort: Hópbílar maintains a modern fleet of luxury touring coaches. We take great pride in maintaining our fleet within the highest standards of cleanliness and performance. Our uniformed drivers are very skilful with many years of experience and will always make every effort possible to ensure you a most pleasant touring experience with our company.