25 years of experience

Since 1995 Hópbílar coach rental company a modern fleet of luxury touring coaches. Our uniformed drivers are very skilful with many years of experience and will always make every effort possible to ensure you a most pleasant touring experience with our company. Our fleet consists of 110 coaches and City busses ranging in various sizes from 9 to 69 seaters.
We take great pride in maintaining our fleet within the highest standards of cleanliness and performance.
Whether you are looking for a sightseeing tour around the capital city, a day trip to geysirs and waterfalls, bird sanctuaries and black sand beaches or even an exciting trip around the entire island, we have the best suitable coach for your group.


SAFETY and security is a significant part of Hópbílar‘s operations. In 2014, a certified security management system was implemented according to the international OHSAS 18001 standard. Efforts are continuously made to improve the safety and health of our customers as well as our employees, and we‘re proud of the safety awareness that has been achieved among our employees.All our vehicles are equipped with seat belts in every seat.

ENVIRONMENT: We are much aware of our environmental impact.It has always been our sincere policy to reduce this impact and therefore, we strive to improve our environmental performance as much as we can.
Hópbílar comply with ISO 14001 environmental standards and we were one of the first Icelandic companies back in 2003 to implement this system. We think it’s important that our operations are in as much harmony with the environment as possible.

YOUR BENEFIT is that Hópbílar always strives to provide you with the best service at the most favorable price possible.

COMFORT is a great ambition for us. All cars are well equipped and clean. All our drivers are uniformed and provide you with best possible service.

Free Wi-fi in all our buses




Name Email Tel Title
Björn Sveinsson bjorns@hopbilar.is +354 599 6051 Accounting
Davíð Hlöðversson david@hopbilar.is +354 599 6014 Humar resource assistant
Friðgeir Jónsson fridgeir@hopbilar.is +354 599 6096 Project Manager
Guðjón Árnason gudjonarnason@hopbilar.is +354 599 6086 Quality control
Guðjón Ármann Guðjónsson gudjon@hopbilar.is +354 599 6088 CEO
Gunnhildur Inga Geirsdóttir inga@hopbilar.is +354 599 6071 Treasurer
Jón Arnar Ingvarsson jonarnar@hopbilar.is +354 599 6063 Sales and Marketing
Kristín B. Aðalsteinsdóttir kristin@hopbilar.is +354 599 6064 Sales and Marketing
Laufey Klara Guðmundsdóttir klara@hopbilar.is +354 599 6052 Office
Lilja Björg Guðmundsdóttir lilja@hopbilar.is +354 599 6079 CFO
Pálmar Sigurðsson palmar@hopbilar.is +354 599 6016 Office Manager
Steindóra Bergþórsdóttir steindora@hopbilar.is +354 599 6015 Payroll Specialist
Örn Óskarsson orn@hopbilar.is +354 599 6099 Purchasing Manager



Name Email Tel Title
Þórður Pálsson doddi@hopbilar.is +354 599 6066 Workshop Foreman
Haraldur Bjarmi Pálsson haddi@hopbilar.is +354 840 8600 Foreman
Ragnar Haraldsson ragnarh@hopbilar.is +354 599 6072  
Verkstæði   +354 599 6057  



Name Email Tel Title
Akstursþjónusta Hafnarfjarðar   +354 599 6084 Operations Supervisor
Ágúst Haraldsson gusti@hopbilar.is +354 599 6073 Operation Manager
Elfar J. Eiríksson elfar@hopbilar.is +354 599 6080 Operations Supervisor
Elías Þór Haraldsson vakt@hopbilar.is +354 599 6080 Operations Supervisor
Gunnar Þór Finnbjörnsson gunnarf@hopbilar.is +354 599 6081 Operations Supervisor
Hörður Sveinsson hordur@hopbilar.is +354 599 6081 Operations Supervisor
Jóhann Kr. Berthelsen johann@hopbilar.is +354 599 6080 Operations Supervisor
Kristín B. Aðalsteinsdóttir kristin@hopbilar.is +354 599 6082 Sales and Marketing
Romualdas Gecas thvottastod@hopbilar.is +354 822 0065 Operations Supervisor
Róbert V. Lárusson robert@hopbilar.is +354 599 6080 Operations Supervisor
Stefán Sigurður Harðarson vakt@hopbilar.is +354 599 6080 Operations Supervisor
Vaktin – Neyðarnúmer vakt@hopbilar.is +354 822 0080 Operations Supervisor