COVID-19 Procedures

Hópbílar are committed to follow all health authorities’ quarantine rules in relation to the COVID19 coronavirus epidemic. With that in mind, our procedures involving all drivers were reviewed and tightened in order to meet this criteria. We hold regular meetings with all our drivers where these factors are thoroughly reviewed and our training process takes into account the tightened criteria that came into force with us in terms of COVID-19. Our drivers are made to comply with these criteria on all trips and they are not permitted, under any circumstances, to grant exemptions to these rules.

Among the rules are:

  • Drivers are not allowed to show up for work if they experience the slightest symptoms of cough, fever or bone pain.
  • Wearing a face mask is compulsary on all journeys, this applies to both passengers and drivers.
  • Hand sanitizers are available in all vehicles.
  • Drivers are to wash/sanitize hands regularly during their journeys.
  • Main contact surfaces are to be sanitized each time a vehicle has finished its journey.
  • If possible, the first two rows are not to be used during journeys.
  • Passengers are to use rear doors only, when applicable.
  • Only drivers and guides use front door.
  • Passengers are to leave their items by the luggage compartment and avoid interacting with drivers.
  • Drivers are to wear gloves when loading and unloading.
  • Passengers should disperse around the bus when possible.
  • Every other seat should be left available when possible.

In the event of an infection, or if an infected person is suspected to have been travelling with us, we will report immediately with the authorities and follow their advice regarding testing, quarantine and/or isolation. In such cases, the bus must always be sterilized high and low before traveling again.